Once you add a producer to SureLC, SuranceBay pulls in the producer's PDB Report from NIPR.  The PDB Report includes, amongst other pieces of information, all state license information as reported to NIPR on the producer by the states.

As part of the service SuranceBay provides our users, we also obtain updated license information for all of your producers included within SureLC. There are different types of updates, which are described below.

  • Instant Update - License Renewals or Non-Resident License Applications submitted through SureLC and approved by the state(s) are immediately updated within SureLC upon approval.
  • Daily Refresh - NIPR sends push notifications daily for about 80% of producers included within SureLC. These push notifications contain updated license information.
  • Sunday Morning Refresh - Weekly, on Sunday mornings around 4:00 am eastern time - SuranceBay runs a complete list against NIPR for all agents within SureLC.  This Sunday morning refresh is sort of the last line of defense to ensure that all producer's license records are up-to-date.



Q1. My producer has a state license that I can see is updated on the state's website, and I have a copy, but SureLC is not updated. Please help me because I need to request an appointment for this producer in this state but SureLC isn't showing this state as active.

A1. Depending on the state, it may take 1-5 business days for NIPR to get updated. Therefore, it is possible that SureLC isn't 100% updated according to the state's and NIPR.  While SureLC will soon get updated, it is recommend that you follow the steps described here to manually upload producer licenses so you can proceed with contracting the producer in the desired state(s).


Q2. Do the updates that SuranceBay receives from NIPR include appointment status updates?

A2. At this time, NIPR doesn't provide the ability to provide appointment status updates without pulling a brand new PDB report. In addition, only 42 states actually maintain appointment status history. For that reason, SuranceBay continues to work with our Carrier Partners in order to obtain directly from them appointment status on each of your producers. Getting the information directly from the carriers is much better than relying on the states.


Q3. What can I do to assist in getting appointment status directly from the carriers?

A3. While SuranceBay continues to work with carriers, the key ingredient for carriers to work with SuranceBay to provide status is for them to hear directly from you.  It is recommend that you reach out directly to your carrier partners, and include your SuranceBay's point of contact in the conversation in order for this process to move along. 


Q4. One of my producers renewed his resident license AND updated his resident address with his state department of insurance. Will SureLC automatically update all of this this new information once it gets reported to NIPR? 

A4. Yes and no. The updated information about the license renewal will. The update to the residential address will not. After the producer is registered in SureLC for the first time with your agency, from that point on, SureLC will only update licensing information, not demographic information. Any changes to a producers demographics will need to be made manually in his/her SureLC profile.