Username Recovery

1. If you do not know your username/email address you registered with SureLC to use, click on the 'Forgot UserID/Password?' link on the log in menu.



2. Next, choose whether you are a Producer or an L&C Administrator at BGA. If you choose L&C Administrator at BGA, you will be requesting you own log in e-mail. 




3. Next, enter SSN, DOB and resident state license number, then click the Next button. 


  4. the username/e-mail will be listed at the top of the screen.


You can now get back to the SureLC log in screen and enter your password and log in to the system to continue with any business you may have. If you do not know the password associated with your email click continue on by clicking Create New Password.


Password Reset

In the event you do not remember the associated password for your Username,  you can reset it within the SureLC application yourself. First, enter the email used as your Username in the Email field and then click the 'Forgot UserID/Password?' link.


Producers, select the 'I'm a producer' option.

Administrators, select 'I'm L&C administrator at BGA' option.

Next, click the 'Restore Password' button.



 Input your SSN, DOB and Resident State License Number, then click Next. 


Choose Create New Password, then click Next. 


Next, choose where you want the Password Reset Code e-mail sent to. It is suggested to send it to your e-mail as some wireless carriers will block texts that come from SuranceBay. Once you have made your choice, click Next. 


You will then get a pop up telling you that an identification code has been sent to the e-mail address you chose on the previous step. Click OK, then go check your e-mail. 


If you don't see the reset e-mail in your inbox, be sure and check your Spam/Junk folder. 


 Once you get the code from the e-mail, type it in to the Identification Code field in SureLC, then press Next. 


Next, type in the new password you would like to use to log in for this SureLC profile. Remember to follow the password rules when developing your new login password. Once complete, click Next. 


If you've done everything correctly, you will get a screen that looks likes this that tells you that you were successful in reseting your SureLC password. 


Click Finish to get back to the SureLC log in screen where you can use your e-mail and newly reset password to log in.