Thank you for your time today!  As I previously mentioned, we help individuals and families with their insurance needs.  Our website enables you to customize your individual benefits package to meet your needs.


Please take this opportunity to review your current insurance benefits and compare them with what is available for you. These NEW benefits are yours to keep, so you’ll be covered as long as the policy remains in force.


Benefits include:


  • Dental/Vision          Child Orthodontia Available, No Waiting Periods, Eyemed
  • Telemedicine          $11.95 per month covers whole family,  No Co-Pays
  • Disability Income   Provide income for your mortgage, utilities, groceries
  • Accident                    Pays benefits for covered accidents
  • Cancer                       Lump Sum Cancer Benefit, Recurrence Protection
  • Critical Illness          Lump Sum Heart Attack/Stroke Protection
  • Life Insurance         Term, Whole Life, Universal Life
  • AD/AD&D                  Protection for accidental death or dismemberment


Whether you simply need dental insurance, or have active children in sports my online portal will provide an avenue to learn how powerful proper insurance planning can be.  Please let me know if you have any questions!


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