Below is the macro view of the Classes, and  Attached is the pdf version of the Accident Treatment Occupation Guide that specifically classifies most occupations.  

This guide lists occupations and identifies the applicant’s classification for coverage. Each class, listed below, corresponds to the classes shown in the Accident Treatment Rate Booklet (LOYAL-5-0015).

  • CLASS 1 - Professional, technical and managerial occupations that are generally office duties only
  • CLASS 2 - Supervisory and skilled clerical workers
  • CLASS 3 - Non-hazardous light-manual workers, the unemployed, retired workers, homemakers and
  • all full-time government employees whose occupations are not otherwise listed
  • CLASS 4 - Manual labor, heavy equipment or non-hazardous materials
  • CLASS 5 - Heavy manual labor, heavy equipment or hazardous materials
  • CLASS NI - Not insurable

When writing a policy for a couple or family, the applicant with the higher Occupation Class will be used for determining premium.