Credit card fraud is a not true Identity Theft. Someone steals your credit card information and then makes purchases in a store or online. Most credit card companies have a liability limit of $50. This means that even if a thief has charged thousands of dollars to your card, you’d likely only have to pay $50. More often than not, credit card companies simply wipe out any charges that are the result of fraud.

Identity fraud entails much more than just a stolen credit number, it is a person or many persons using your actual Identity of WHO you are. This includes using your Social Security number to secure employment, using your Medical benefits, using your Identity when arrested for a crime, using your Driver License, using the benefits of your citizenship, stealing your tax refund, child identity theft, making it impossible for you to function without major issues including being arrested or fired from your job. Losing your identity is a long-term headache that can take decades to clear.

With some types of identity theft, such as medical identity theft, you may not realize you’re a victim until you get a call from a collections agency. By then, the identity theft may be embedded in your personal records. You’ll not only deal with whatever bills are in collection, but also credit bureaus, lenders, other financial institutions and possibly even law enforcement. The worst part of Medical Identity Theft is the thieves' personal information is now on your charts such as the wrong blood type, wrong allergies etc... Do you know how you would find all the doctors' offices, blood banks, labs and pharmacies that were used with your medical identity? Medical Fraud is currently poised to be the leading form of Identity Theft for 2015.

If someone used your Driver’s License on the opposite side of the United States for a DUI or any crime, how would you handle going to court and proving that wasn’t you that did the crime? If you were being arrested for child pornography on the Internet or stealing from a bank as a bank employee where you didn’t work or not paying taxes for jobs you didn’t have, how would you handle those situations that are usually done in states away from yours?

There is a major difference in credit card or financial fraud and Identity Theft.

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