AllyHealth Agent Frequently Asked Questions

Agent Commissions:

  • Q: How much do I get paid on commissions?
    • A: Commissions are paid based on collected Accounts Receivables. Please see our commission policy document for details on amounts.
  • Q: When are commissions paid?
    • A: Commissions are paid at the end of the month following collection of Accounts Receivables from our customers (e.g. ABC Company is billed on October 1 for membership dues for the month of October. ABC Company pays its bill on October 25. Agent commission is paid at the end of November for this account.)
  • Q: How are commissions paid?
    • A: Commissions are currently paid by check. We will be adding a direct deposit option in the future, which we will announce as soon as it is ready.

Billing and Account Management:

  • Q: How do employers add, edit, or remove employees from coverage?
    • A: Currently, this can be done utilizing our “Add/Edit/Delete” spreadsheet file. We are developing a Group Administrator portal that we will be rolling out in 2015 that will allow Group Administrators to perform this task online.
  • Q: How does group invoicing work?
    • A: AllyHealth’s invoices are sent out on (or around) the 1st of the month with a due date of the 25th of the month. Invoices are for the current month (i.e. Invoices sent out on October 1 are for membership dues for the month of October).
  • Q: What forms of payment are accepted?
    • A: Currently we accept credit and debit card payments for all customers (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discovercard).
  • Q: Can individuals pay with FSA/HSA debit cards?
    • A: No. We do not currently accept this form of payment.


  • Q: How is MDLIVE HIPPA compliant?
    • A: All areas of our service are 100% HIPPA compliant. MDLIVE stores all data off site at a HIPPA compliant data facility with replication and disaster recovery plans. All data is encrypted and follow SAS 270 standards including AES 256 bit encryption. AllyHealth does not ever handle or view any sensitive customer data.

Prescription Policy:

  • Q: Do we have a policy on prescriptions and when a non-generic medication would be prescribed?
    • A: Yes, We always encourage the pharmacy to dispense generics when available.
  • Q: For the primary covered or for their children that are traveling to countries where they must get a series of vaccinations. Could an MDLIVE physician prescribe those pills?
    • A: No, the member should consult with their Primary Care Provider.
  • Q: Can an MDLIVE physician prescribe maintenance medication such as for cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc.
    • A: Yes, prescriptions can be offered while the member is traveling. However, MDLIVE will not refill maintenance medication for a chronic illness / ailment.

DEA List:

Workmen’s Compensation:

  • Q: Does MDLIVE provide details on a consult when the consult is related to a Workmen’s Comp claim?
    • A: We can only provide assistance if we get a signed consent form from the patient to release the details. The consent form must be notarized. If we do not get a release, we cannot release the information.

Doctor’s Note:

  • Q: Do we provide a Doctor’s note for a consult?
    • A: No, we do not. The patient can use obtain a consult Discharge form from the MDLIVE website and provide to their employer.

Therapy Consults

  • Q: How do we offer therapy consults given we have both therapists and psychologists on staff? How does a member choose?
    • A: We provide our therapy patients with a therapist / psychologist licensed in the state where the patient is located. We have therapists / psychologists on staff that hold licenses in several states so they can cover a consult request in more than one state. If a patient would like to pick a specific therapist in their state, we have a list of them to choose from on our website along with their profile and will state if the counselor is a licensed therapist or psychologist. Members can also learn all about the counselor’s specialties, licenses, and their appointment availability. Members can schedule recurring meetings with the counselor of their choice.


  • Q: What constitutes an eligible dependent?
    • A: A dependent is the spouse or domestic partner of a primary member; a child under the age of 26 that is financially dependent on the primary member. The child can be related, adopted or under legal guardianship.
  • Q: Can a minor register themselves?
    • A: Technically yes, however they would need the primary member’s identification criteria (i.e. last 4 of SSN, DOB, Subscriber ID, etc.) in order to register.
  • Q: Can a parent register a child regardless of the age? For example, older children 18 – 25?
    • A: Yes, if the dependent is 18+ they will be given the option of blocking the primary from seeing their medical record / profile.
  • Q: Is there a certain age range where the primary member must register the child?
    • A: I child has to be registered and medical profile completed if the child is seeking a consult.
  • Q: What is MDLIVE’s protocol for medical consults for children under the age of 2?
    • A: A child under 2 can have a consult with a pediatrician, however if the child has a fever they will be referred to their pediatrician to ensure they are physically seen.


  • Q: If the member lives in Florida, but is traveling to Ohio, who will provide the consult?
    • A: A member is assigned to a doctor, pediatrician or therapist based on where the Doctor is licensed to practice. In the scenario above, the doctor could be located in California but also be licensed in Ohio.
  • Q: Can a member call when they are traveling internationally for a consult.
    • A: Yes, they can but the doctor will only provide advice, no prescriptions will be written. The Doctor will advise the patient on the medication they should be using or try to obtain if any is recommended. In this case, as we are only providing advice the Doctor’s state licenses are not taken into consideration.
  • Q: If a foreign member is in the US, can they use MDLIVE’s services?
    • A: No, a doctor cannot write a prescription for a non US resident.
  • Q: Can an MDLIVE physician prescribe maintenance medication such as for cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc.
    • A: Yes, prescriptions can be offered while the member is traveling. However, MDLIVE will not refill maintenance medication for a chronic illness / ailment.

MDLIVE services

  • Q: Is MDLIVE available in all states?
    • A: As of August 2014 – (please note that these can change). The rules apply to where an individual is physically located at the time of the consult. For example, a person who lives in Texas and is travelling in Florida would be able to have a video consult.
      • Arkansas – We do not offer any services
      • Texas - only phone consultations, no video
      • Louisiana - only has phone consultations, no video
      • Iowa - only phone consultations, no video
      • Idaho – we do not offer any services
      • California – only allows 3 days-worth of medications to be prescribed if consult is via phone, there are no limitations if consult is via video
      • Oklahoma – only a D.O. can prescribe medications
  • Q: Will a doctor prescribe medication for chronic conditions such as thyroid problems, high cholesterol, insulin, etc...?
    • A: MDLIVE does not replace a PCP. For chronic conditions the patient should see their personal physician. However, if the patient is traveling, an MDLIVE doctor can provide a refill for the days they are travelling.
  • Q. Received a pop-up online “It looks like you are outside of coverage area. You can still visit with doctors from state of residence but they will most likely not be able to write prescriptions.”
    • A: This will pop-up if the system recognizes the IP is outside of the area where member is located. At times this may pop-up if user has a dynamic IP. This is for informational reference only. The member is still able to access their account and request a consult.
  • Q. Does MDLIVE’s doctors provide consultation in Spanish?
    • A: Yes, we have doctors on call that speak Spanish. (*Note - MDLIVE does not guarantee access to a Spanish speaking doctor, although they do try to accommodate language needs. Customers have the ability to select their language preference when they create their account and request a consultation. The preference would search for doctors that would be able to communicate in their preferred language. There are 209 active physicians that speak Spanish fluently across 50 states. 125 of them are located in FL/TX/AZ/CA – heavy Hispanic concentration states and high volume states.)
  • Q: How does a member use the MDLIVE app?
    • A: The member would download the app (iPhone or Droid) version. After the member downloads the app they will be required to enter a 6 digit numerical password. They will be asked if they were offered MDLIVE via their employer or group. At this time the member should enter the Reseller or Client name. The member will then be directed to the assigned URL: landing page. It is strongly recommended that the benefit administrator provide their members the company or group name that should be used in their marketing communication to ensure an excellent customer experience.
  • Q: Will an MDLIVE physician requests tests or lab work?
    • A: No, the member will be referred to their PCP or Pediatrician for further evaluation. If an ailment such as strep requires a test, the physician will not prescribe antibiotics.
  • Q: If a member is suffering from a cold or flu will the MDLIVE physician prescribe medication?
    • A: The physician will need to ascertain if the condition is bacterial or viral. If the doctor does not think it is bacterial they may recommend over the counter medication.
  • Q: The MDLIVE physician did not prescribe the medication that I’m normally given by my doctor when I present with the same symptoms. Can I get a
  • refund?
    • A: A consult fee is not refunded because the member felt they should have received medication. A consult occurred and the service was provided.