Subject Line: Identity Theft and Legal Protection Benefits

Audience: For insurance broker or agency announcing to their book of business that they are offering LegalShield; both Legal and IDT

Purpose: introduce client to LegalShield IDT and prepare them for a sales call



The popularity of identity theft and legal protection plans has grown in recent years, and we have had a number of requests to offer these services. After carefully researching a number of providers, we are pleased to announce LegalShield as our new National Preferred Provider for legal and identity theft plans. 


More than 3.4 million lives have already enrolled in these services for the following reasons:


  • No stress or guessing when seeking legal counsel and advice on everyday life issues
  • Most families and Individuals have an immediate need
  • You may use the service as much as you need
  • These services are about making better decisions and keeping your hard earned money in your pocket


Many find that when they have these services, they experience less stress in handling what could be a complicated or costly decision.


I will be reaching out to you in the coming weeks to discuss this new offering.  In the meantime, please visit (ENTER URL)
for more information and other supplemental products available to you and your family. 

As always, it is a privilege to serve you and thank you for your business.


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